TOP BITCOIN CASINOS & CASINO REVIEWS: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018 (recommended bitcoin casino: FORTUNEJACK CASINO RATING – 9.5/10)



Many players have been impressed by the Fortune Jack Bitcoin Casino. This website takes care of the Bitcoin Gambling experience very perfectly. The wonderful feature of this casino is that it accepts even many other digital currencies. The gaming choices and promotions are genuinely great. Lastly but not little, whoever the player is ready to venture into the world of Bitcoin Gambling for them Fortune Jack is a right place.




Mbit Casino has been proved that it is leading through out the world in Bitcoin Gambling gaming. This Bitcoin casino is ensured to cater to the needs of the entire sort of the players. This possessed a variety of games which are 230 in number. This casino always strives for the improvisation of the overall customer experience. The players are permitted to play either with liver dealer games or playing games on their own devices.




Betchain is an online Bitcoin only casino. The launching of this casino has taken place in the year of 2014. The fine thing to talk about this Bitcoin Gambling site is that there is no minimum deposit or withdrawal. It is not strenuous in that aspect. For making a deposit the casino’s QR code or address can be availed.





The Betcoin which is a Bitcoin Casino is containing the gaming lobby that is more than good and nice.  It is habituated to introduce new games on a regular basis. Here, the customer support is trustworthy.  The deposit bonus offers are the best in the industry. Ultimately, unanimously Betcoin can be considered as the good option for Bitcoin Gambling.




1xBit is just not only a Bitcoin Gambling site, but it also allows a number of other cryptocurrencies.  It offers provably fair dice games and the large number of games in its plethora that are hailing from renowned online casino software providers. It also offers plenty of bonuses and promotions. This cryptocurrency gambling site serves the players in many parts of the world including United States.



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The Megawin apart from allowing Bitcoin deposits and bonuses, permits bank transfers, credit cards and other fiat payment options. There presents Megawins Bitcoin bonuses and promotions that offers for making plenty of deposits. This reward includes the Reload Trursday promo by receiving 30% cash bonus up to 0.25 BTC when the deposit is made on the same day. This Bitcoin Casino even offers a VIP program which offers a plenty of benefits to loyal players.




The PlayAmo Casino is a Bitcoin casino that exhibits fantastic features. The PlayAmo website has become the cynosure of all the eyes since, it is well made by means of a grayish black backdrop.  The entire information can be seen on one page. Here, the theme is well organized and clear. The right part of the website is constituted with the main menu that can be seen, consisting of pages likewise Games, Promotions, Supports and Payments. The center of the site is containing a screen exhibiting all popular casino games. The games on the display are well categorized.




BitStartz is exclusively a Bitcoin Casino which offers for its patrons 50% to 100% bonus up to 5000 mBTC for the first 4 deposits respectively. A player will also be getting free spins before making deposits. This casino is so inimitable and innovative. It contains a great website and well designed games. This casino is greatly advised for those who obsesses for Bitcoin Gambling.




There is a chance of practising anonymity here at this Bitsler Bitcoin Casino since, this is a Bitcoin Gambling website. This website encourages its players to provide a unique username that is going to serve as the identity in the website. When once, officially entering into the Bitsler system, the Account customization starts. The options are offered to set a password for the account for the sake of activating two-factor authentication.




This Bitcoin Casino launched in the year of 2013. Though this casino possesses many number of games it still contains Dice games. Still plenty of games were been added to this website’s gaming lobby. This Bitcoin Gambling site is available with languages like English. German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Turkish, Brazilian, Portuguese and Korean respectively.


BITCOIN CASINO: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018

To be in a simple manner, a Bitcoin can be termed to be as the Millenium’s digital currency, that is localized and mostly anonymous. This cryptocurrency is devoid of any kind of conditions or procedures, rules or regulations and provisions or norms respectively. Therefore, these traits are making a strong impact upon the minds of the people, through out the global countries, for thronging to engage and enthrall themselves for possessing Gambling Entertainment. It is a known fact, that stepping towards a Brick and Mortar Casino or gaming by availing a traditional currency, depending upon an online casino, no longer can be considered as tussle free. So, this is the main cause for the Bitcoin Casinos for taking advantage of this tough situation for enhancement of their growth.

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Here, it is to be noted that, the salient feature of the Bitcoin is its anonymity of making deposits and withdrawals. So Bitcoins have carved a niche for itself for this type of instant processing of payments and payouts without disclosing the users neither personal nor financial details. That is why Bitcoin Gambling has become virtually anonymous. For a prospectively player, there always arise some crucial queries related to Bitcoin Gambling, the details regarding the house edge, Bitcoin gambling vs the time investment, and so on. The following runaway series of written information can be considered by the players, before land marking into the zone of Bitcoin Gambling:


As of now, the all sorts of people, from each and every nook and corner of the world have become familiar regarding Bitcoin Gambling. They even got familiarized with the Bitcoin Gambling, that is spreading in many kinds of forms, such as online casinos, video slot machines and live dealers, dice sports betting, poker sites and to name a few. To be exact, there are plenty of gambling methods via Bitcoins. Here, the enthusiasts of the Bitcoin will be inclining for updating themselves with a nice atmosphere for Bitcoin Gambling by means of research. Now, a simple question like “where to play” is the question that pricks upon everybody’s mind. The detailed reviews and a great researches, can provide an appropriate answer for the Bitcoin Gamblers. By going through the relevant reviews, finally the Bitcoin Gambling lovers can spot a suitable place for gambling upon entire individual play. These reviews also make the player to feel confident, by enduring the entire details pertaining to gameplay, design and payouts and still many more. In this context, it is so worth mentioning about much talked about Bitcoin Casino Bonus deals.


It is a know fact, that Bitcoin Gaming, which are profusely numbered, that are as of now online, are always tend to contradict for having a share of Bitcoin bakkroll. Though this can be considered as a meritorious point on one side, but from another side, there is a need for understanding the disparity between, both like which is hot and which is not. The pros and cons of the Bitcoin Casino games, as on today, have to be first of all analyzed before wagering. Then for starting the betting, the Bitcoins must be kept ready. A nice idea, like to feel that Bitcoin Gambling is a source of an exciting enjoyment and enthralling always be appreciated. And in fact it boosts the player with utmost vigour and valour. This does not mean to say, that there wont be set backs often and often. But, even then, a player should not get overwhelmed by the mere apprehensions like worry, fret and fume, that crosses in the midst of the Gambling. A proven fact, is that assistance will be given for resolving the doubts and concerns by the Bitcoin Gambling group.

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The present day gamblers must know that, the early gamblers of the cryptocurrency are not at all surprisingly the online players and gambling operators. However, with the rise and growth of Bitcoin, the entire sort has become very flexible and easy for discovering a Bitcoin zone for making a deposit, wager and withdrawal requests in this manner. A logical minded gambler, must always remember in mind one thing, that most of the Bitcoin Gambling companies will be shouting and exaggerating about themselves, that they are the only best and good in the industry. So a wise desicion of finding a Bitcoin Gambling place, which is known for its integrity and fairness by reading the reviews is always admirable.


A fair Bitcoin Casino is mostly an online gambling operator, where the entire gaming lobby is provably fair. This is a crystal clear indication of a wise choice of a player. Before, choosing a place for having a gambling online by means of Bitcoins, the first and the foremost thing to be done is to ensure that the house edge is surely reasonable and even the random number generator is truly random. A great reason for choosing cryptocurrency is its noteworthy security and anonymity respectively. A prominent thing to be even remembered is that the casino is fully legitimized, regulated and licensed by a reputable authority.

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An another important aspect also to be noted, is to go for a verification of the other payment methods, apart from Bitcoin, for ensuring that there are still more options for payouts. Some casinos, even permits their players for availing many number of banking methods, which acts as an important roll in the course of time. A search hunt for discovering a nice place to play with Bitcoins, is always applauded.

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In this context, the above mentioned phrase like “nice place to play with Bitcoins” denotes the qualitative combination of gaming and software providers. A best casino, which allows Bitcoins for gambling surely possesses Live dealer and mobile gaming option and also a fine choice of slots, table games and video pokers respectively. Hence, if the gambling zones maintains this kind of environment, the chances of looking elsewhere for gambling alternatives will be minimized.

Still, some sort of question will be always entering into the minds of Bitcoin gamblers generally. They are 1. is Bitcoin Gambling considered as legal? 2. are the websites and casinos related to Bitcoin gambling are legal? So, it would be fair to go through the following given information, that comforts the players with appropriate answers.


In majority places of the world, the online gambling is fairly approved by their country’s legislation. Nowadays, most of the casinos, which have attained their reputation are targeting for as much as possible for the players for depositing and playing their chosen game by placing multiple currencies, even including the Bitcoins.

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It is a genuine fact, that that there are some countries, where there is a consideration of legalized gambling and extensively BTC casinos are rapidly becoming reputed, because of getting the much of the benefits, that associated with the currency.


There are some countries, that have legalized gambling, are permitting the most of the currencies and paying options, no matter, whether they are government approved currencies or not. This does not mean for saying that “Bitcoin is surely legal”. Since, some of the countries have ordered prohibitions and taxes upon Bitcoin currency withdrawals. Even then, wherever gambling is treated as illicit, there will be plenty of methods for gambling online via the websites, that are offering and executing from other countries. The online gambling site lovers, most importantly will be offered Bitcoin as a currency, which results in the benefit of anonymity. Hence, it is not possible for the higher authorities for nabbing the players.

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This is the main reason, for the governments, as per general rule, that has become essential for imposing a penalizing those personnel for executing the gambling enterprises illegally, rather than the players. And there is one more aspect, that has to be memorized. There are two prominent areas for greatly influencing the legal procedures across the online gambling with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in different countries. They can be as follows:

  1. The legal position of online gambling as usual and
  2. The legal status of Bitcoin as a currency.

However, there is no existence of certain significant laws, that is related for Bitcoin Gambling. Since there is an assumption in the circles that Bitcoin Gambling may fall down in the same legal zone, such as gambling with government confirmed currency. If there is a consideration of online gambling with local money, that is legal, where the player is staying, then Bitcoin gambling is even treated as legal. It is immaterial, that wherever the player resides and plays. It is to be remembered that, if online gambling is confirmed illegal at the place, where the player dwells, then the avail of Bitcoins can be ensured for having the benefit of anonymity. 

There is a known fact, that the personnel who are in the group of politics are not really in touch with the intricacies of the online gambling. This can be witnessed in the utter confusion of legislation, which may be related for online gambling and the noteworthy online gambling, which tends to become reputed in almost each and every country, where it is resisted.

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At this juncture, plenty of analysts, who are related to economical survey, tends to believe solidly and analyze that the liberalizing and regulating thru taxation for enhancing the government income, which may results in offering the consumer protection. But even then, these ideas have been degraded by most of the governments, because of the devoid of the peoples interest and the religious influences that are making the gambling laws politically sensuous.


The real fact is that, the user may not be projected by the law enforcement. Even though there presently prevailed many kinds of resistances upon online gambling in various types of legislation, these prohibitions, have already been dead against for the casino operators and executors. However, they are not going against the individual players. Generally, the law enforcement personnel make a hunt after the gambling websites, but not chases the individual users. The legalized manner of raiding the government approved currency gambling executors is to not consider the individual users for prosecution. And at the same time, they do not perturb the capacity of the user’s depositing and withdrawing. This will be processed by penalizing the payment modes and financial institutions, which have permitted the allowance for the payment for gambling operators.

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Clearly, this might be possible exclusively with Bitcoin Gambling operators.  Even if there is a chance for authorities going against for them they will have to involve in seizing the servers by involving in physical raids. To be definite, these extreme steps also are not going to put an end for Bitcoin Gambling. Because, the censorship resistant technology, such as namecoin, decentralized DNS and maid safe decentralized hosting are very well progressed. These resisting methods are emerging quicker than a government official procedures, that reacts to them.


As of today there exists no at least one exact answer for the question like “what are the crucial factors that considers BTC gambling for legislation?”.

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Hence, the following runaway interpretations may tend to give some appropriate answers.

  1. generally, a Bitcoin Gambling is devoid of at least a single renowned law. Neither it is officially approved nor resisted.
  2. The general notion and the perceiving attitude of the authorities for Bitcoin is day by day changing with a great velocity. Because, the most of the countries observing at Bitcoin willingly and talking about the regulations of cryptocurrencies and blockchain related services. But, however, there is no a change in government’s attitudes. The governments are not at all encouraging Bitcoin with that of real currency. For instance, if the BTC is not confirmed as a real currency, then any method of regulations, surrounding the routing fiat currencies online casinos must even be not applied for Bitcoin gambling websites.

 In a Bitcoin Gambling casino, the mode of payments, like deposits and withdrawals, will be transferred in an instant manner. It is to be noted that this cryptocurrency flows straightly in between the player’s and the casino’s Bitcoin wallets respectively.